The Body Politicized: The Visibility of Women at Gezi

[via Roar magazine] by ROAR Collective on January 9, 2014 The large presence of women […]


Turkey: Alevis rally with broad support in Istanbul

[via Reflections on a Revolution] Thousands of Alevis rallied in Kadikoy, Istanbul on the 3rd […]


Ankara: Major clashes between students and police

[via Reflections on a Revolution] Major clashes between the student resistance and police forces at […]


#Solidarity – people’s assemblies in Turkey and growing solidarity

[via postvirtual] June 29, 2013; Author: postvirtual Istanbul, June 29 Dear people, The two biggest […]


Red Hack deletes debts

[via Global Revolution LIVE] RedHack_En deletes everyone’s late utility bills. Google translation The hackers […]

red hack

Turkey’s revolution is being resurrected! Let’s salute it!

[via] by Ferda Koc, June 19, 2013 After the occupation of Gezi Park by […]


Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy

[via ROAR magazine] by Jerome Roos on June 19, 2013 The protesters are starting to […]


Turkey’s Tree Revolution

Via EJOLT Part 1 Environmentalists have been protesting for months against a plan to swap […]