The new ‘age of insurrections’ is far from over!

Here an insightful essay on the Turkish insurrection in the context of broader developments, by […]


The Turkish protests and the genie of revolution

[via roarmag] by Jerome Roos on June 3, 2013 While the outcome remains uncertain, a […]


Turkey Cries Freedom

[via Spanish Revolution, see sources for the photographs there] In #globalrevolution on 3 June 2013 […]


15M Opera buffa: “The Twilight of the Bricks”

via Spanish Revolution The Belgian uprising against the Dutch started in a theatre in 1830. […]


ZAD, Commune, Metropolis

[via indymedia uk] (The following account was written by a media collective based in the […]


A declaration from the revolutionary struggle in Greece

In 2012, the website political prisoners net has translated a text of three people declaring […]