This is what happens when you outlaw peaceful protest

[via ROAR magazine] by Jerome Roos on December 15, 2013 The banning of peaceful protest […]


Gezi park: police using teargas, people supporting each other

[via Liveupdates from Turkey, 12.6.2013] Video shot at Gezi Park during the police intervention a […]


Turkey: One week on, what’s it mean?

[via citizen k] by David K, June 8 2013 I spent yesterday afternoon walking around […]


Istanbul Uprising. The Flip-side of the Anti-Capitalist Coin

[via counterpunch, June 05, 2013] by Ali Bektas It seemed as if the world had […]


An email from Istanbul

[via europeans against the political system, facebook group, 5.6.2013] Dearest X, First of all we […]

gezi teargas crowd

Explaining the revolt in Turkey, drawing lessons from Egypt

Why are the Turkish people fighting? Solidarity Message to Turkey: Warning from Egyptian Revolution

soli abdullah

Resistanbul: Yes, Greece is with you!

[via Eagainst] Eagainst | 04/06/2013 For seven days now, the praised by the IMF Turkish […]

greece with turkey

Turkey Cries Freedom

[via Spanish Revolution, see sources for the photographs there] In #globalrevolution on 3 June 2013 […]