Protest in Gamonal (Burgos, Spain) spreads to 46 cities

via Rallies that started in the Spanish city of Burgos have spread nationwide, including […]

Gamonal madrid

Bulgaria Insurgent

by Mitko Mitkovic In a recent post, protest dynamics in Bulgaria, a country that has […]

People challenge the riot police as they block traffic during a protest against high electricity bills in Sofia

Today national boycott of Granarolo

[via europeans against the political system, 29.6.2013] Today there is a national boycott of Granarolo […]


Turkey’s revolution is being resurrected! Let’s salute it!

[via] by Ferda Koc, June 19, 2013 After the occupation of Gezi Park by […]


The Turkish protests and the genie of revolution

[via roarmag] by Jerome Roos on June 3, 2013 While the outcome remains uncertain, a […]


What is Happenning in Istanbul?

[via İnsanlik Hali, 01/06/2013 tarihinde yayımlandı] To my friends who live outside of Turkey: I […]


Istanbul park protests sow the seeds of a Turkish spring

[via guardian] A protest in a small Istanbul park has become a lightning rod for […]


Bulgaria: President Plewneliew announces the establishment of people’s councils

[via Der Standard, 3.3.2013, 5.3.2013, 5.3.2013, see also] Bulgaria does not come to a […]