Spanish protesters demand prime minister’s resignation

Adapted from Thousands of protesters demanding the resignation of the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, demonstrated […]

Rajoy protest

Logistics’ General Strike in Bologna (22-03-2013): a video account

[via] Looking forward to the next day of struggle of the logistics’ workers on […]

logistics struggle

Police Brutality Against Blockupy Frankfurt Protests

[several sources, e.g. via blockupy frankfurt,, fr-online, 99berlin and others] Saturday, 1st of June, […]

Germany Blockupy Protest

#occupygezi – fotoblog of police repression and protests in Turkey

  #occupygezi is a fotoblog documenting police violence and street protests:


In solidarity with the protesters in Turkey – Collettivo Prezzemolo

[via Collettivo Prezzemolo] The conviction that Turkey is a success story of economic growth and […]


Istanbul park protests sow the seeds of a Turkish spring

[via guardian] A protest in a small Istanbul park has become a lightning rod for […]


Italy, Milan: Cops evicted occupied self-organised library at university

On the 6th of May, police violently evicted activists of a self-organised library at university […]


Arson attack on Exarchia police precinct

[via] A group of around 30 masked assailants pelted the police precinct in the […]