Frontex : Controlling or Saving Lives?

via Frontexit Six days after the “tragedy of Lampedusa”, while the search for the shipwrecked […]


NO TAV movement again under attack

[via message per mail, 3rd August] Please, sign the following statement, circulate it widely and […]


Today national boycott of Granarolo

[via europeans against the political system, 29.6.2013] Today there is a national boycott of Granarolo […]


Logistics’ General Strike in Bologna (22-03-2013): a video account

[via] Looking forward to the next day of struggle of the logistics’ workers on […]

logistics struggle

Milan: Cops evicted social center ZAM.

ZAM (Zona Autonoma Milano) was occupied in January 2011. ZAM consisted of 2 sports halls, […]


“Enough. We can not wait any longer.” Mass protests in Italy.

Tens of thousands of workers, students, pensioners and radical left activists were marching in Rome […]


Italy, Milan: Cops evicted occupied self-organised library at university

On the 6th of May, police violently evicted activists of a self-organised library at university […]


Hospital workers fight police in Milan

(via At Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital the struggle against the intended dismissal of 244 staff […]


Refugee insurgency in Lampedusa

Since many months, nearly every single day, boats with refugees from Tunis, who are looking […]

refugees lampe

A wave of housing occupations in Rome.

Under the slogan ‘Tsunamitour’ on 6th and 7th April a total of 10 building occupations […]