A Disco Soup against the food wastage

via 15M Barcelona Internacional On December 14th Barcelona hosted its 1st Disco Soup. It is […]


Nyéléni Austria: 13.-17. April 2014, Schloss Goldegg

[via nyéléni austria] Following the declaration of Nyéléni 2007 on food sovereignty, Austria hosted the […]


Rice from the world

Rice from the world     Rice can be found all over the world, it’s […]


Wieserhoisl: a collective agriculture project in Austria

[via wieserhoisl, zugangzuland] In Austria, there are less examples of collective living projects than in […]


Athenian space battles

[via Aljazeera] The Golden Dawn wishes to occupy public space in the heart of the […]

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Occupation of farm land in Vienna.

On Saturday, May 4th activists of the initiative „Solidarity Agriculture“, in short SoliLa!, occupied some farm […]


Social Market in Madrid

Social Market Madrid, via goteo Video By Social Market we understand a production, distribution and […]


Agro-squats abound around Barcelona

Barcelona seems to be an especially fertile ground for groups that reclaim the fields and […]


FoodCoops in Austria.

In recent times there seems to be a trend of establishing foodcoops in Vienna. The […]


Subsistence in Greece: more than a shock absorber?

[via metronews.ca, Freitag, Archipel] In Greece, more and more people establish natural economies. Most are […]