Iaioflautas against pension cuts by Spanish Gov

Iaioflautas via Demotix Spanish government announced on Friday new cuts, this time a new law […]

Iaioflautas 1

Recovery attempt of a private green zone in North Spain

During the 5th edition of the self-organized feast of the Old City of Vitoria-Gasteiz in […]


“Bike Ride Ecofeminist” flash mob to “beat the patriarchy”

Ecologistas en accion Via Demotix The group Ecologists in Action Ecofeminism and feminist group The […]


Celebrating 15M (Spanish indignados) anniversary: “Toque a Bankia”

“Toque a Bankia” via The free online Iberosphere Last Thursday, a day of action against […]


1st May in Southern Spain: Las Turquillas Farm Occupation

via For what are they Some 500 workers occupied yesterday the parcel known as Las […]


Spanish frustration boils over: “Besiege Congress”

[via Reuters, Presstv] Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the Spanish parliament less than 24 […]

Besiege Congress

Remove your money

REMOVE YOUR MONEY. From 1 to April 30 a call to transfer your bank deposits: […]