Degrowth and Demonetization: On the Limits of a Non-Capitalist Market Economy

Recently, the journal “Capitalism, Nature, Socialism” published an article by Andreas Exner on the relation […]


Demonetization: Ending the Cult of Commodity

[via endingthecultbook] Kellia Ramares-Watson, a radio and magazin journalist, is going to write a book […]


Pumarejo, the squatting palace in Seville (video)

Video A Short Documentary showing the reaction of the public to the oblivion of the […]


Social Market in Madrid

Social Market Madrid, via goteo Video By Social Market we understand a production, distribution and […]

MES is a virtual platform with members from Austria, Germany and England – besides many […]

Solidarity Congress, Vienna, 22.-24.2.2013

From 22. to 24.2.2013, the second Solidarity Congress in Vienna will take place. The program […]