Squatting Europe Kollective Meeting, Rome: 20.-24. May 2014

[via] The Squatting Europe Kollective is a transnational collective of academics and activists working on […]


Transnational care meeting: crisis and resistance – 17.-18. May – Vienna

[via blockupy] Endlich ist das Programm für unsere “Transnational care meeting: crisis and resitance” am […]


Crisis-Scapes conference: Athens and Beyond

[via Roar collective, 4th May] The conference, held on May 9-10, will bring together leading […]


Solidarity beyond borders – Building democracy from below: 15.-25.5.2014

[via mayofsolidarity] Call for Action The programs of austerity and privatizations imposed by the Troika […]


European Summer University for Social Movements

[via ESU2014] 15 years ago, Attac was born to mobilize against the domination of finance […]


Care Revolution: Activist Conference – 14.-16. March 2014, Berlin

[via care-revolution] Between 14. and 16. March, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung organizes a conference for […]


4th International Conference on Degrowth in Germany – Summer 2014

[via] The preparations for the 4th International Conference on Degrowth – Ecological sustainability and social […]