NOT OUR DEBT! Global Week of Action

NOT OUR DEBT! It was held until this Tuesday, from October 8 to 15 Debt […]

Spanish Sun Law will push people to disobedience

Spanish cost of energy is one of the highest in Europe with an installed capacity […]

EcoHabitar 24

1st May in Southern Spain: Las Turquillas Farm Occupation

via For what are they Some 500 workers occupied yesterday the parcel known as Las […]


Spanish frustration boils over: “Besiege Congress”

[via Reuters, Presstv] Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the Spanish parliament less than 24 […]

Besiege Congress

Enric Duran – Robin Bank.

From 2005 to 2008 Enric Duran took out loans at 39 different banks about a […]


No Paguem – We don’t pay

No Paguem is a newly founded platform in Barcelona that denounces the high rates for […]