Protests in Melilla: The Revolution of the Unemployed

via Clarissa’s Blog As if the price the country paid for its ridiculous colonial efforts […]

Melilla protest

The Body Politicized: The Visibility of Women at Gezi

[via Roar magazine] by ROAR Collective on January 9, 2014 The large presence of women […]


“A Night Outside”

via In summer one can more or less live on the street, but in […]

A night outside

Police impose martial law after a protest in Hamburg

via Revolution News Police, acting as vigilantes in the face of European conventions, occupied four […]


Migrants Manifesto

Migrants Manifesto – #OurDay 2013 video  

Migrants Manifesto

A Disco Soup against the food wastage

via 15M Barcelona Internacional On December 14th Barcelona hosted its 1st Disco Soup. It is […]