Zone A Defendre: The Largest Occupation in Europe

[via] Until recently, the ZAD was the largest occupied region in Europe, with about […]

Berlin: Hundreds Protest Eviction of Tenants

[via Junge Welt, Neues Deutschland, 15.2.2013] Something new is happening in Germany: Hundreds of people, […]

Chase Farm Hospital Attempted Occupation

[via occupylondon, 2.2.2013] Chase Hospital was occupied after a march and rally on Saturday [2/2/13] […]

Farm Occupation in Somonte, Southern Spain

[via forumcivique] Since about 9 months, 25 workers have occupied public land in Andalusia, Southern […]

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna

Since 24th of Nov. 2012, a protest of refugees stirs up debate on the inhumane treatment […]

Greek Factory Under Workers Control

[via riseup email list "seizing_building_commoning"] Occupied Greek Factory Begins Production Under Workers Control Occupy, Resist, […] is a virtual platform with members from Austria, Germany and England – besides many […]

Solidarity Congress, Vienna, 22.-24.2.2013

From 22. to 24.2.2013, the second Solidarity Congress in Vienna will take place. The program […]