Subsistence in Greece: more than a shock absorber?

[via, Freitag, Archipel] In Greece, more and more people establish natural economies. Most are […]

Occupation and Eviction of the London’s historic Women’s Library

On March 8th, the International Women’s Day, some 70 feminist and anti-cuts activists occupied London’s […]

Refugees’ Bus Tour in Germany

Besides an ongoing protest camp at Oranienplatz, Berlin and the establishment of the Refugee Strike […]

Bulgaria: President Plewneliew announces the establishment of people’s councils

[via Der Standard, 3.3.2013, 5.3.2013, 5.3.2013, see also] Bulgaria does not come to a […]

No Paguem – We don’t pay

No Paguem is a newly founded platform in Barcelona that denounces the high rates for […]

„Que se lixe a Troika“ – mass protests in Portugal

On Saturday, March 2nd up to 1,5 million people rallied in more than 30 Portuguese […]

Solidarity Agriculture Jedlersdorf, Vienna

“Solidarische Landwirtschaft Jedlersdorf“, shortly called “SoliLa” is the first initiative that occupied agricultural land in […]

The Apartment-House Syndicate

The Apartment-House Syndicate consists of 70 houses and 24 project initiatives in Germany and exists […]