ESCRACHES: the last action from the mortgage holders platform (PAH)

Netizens ask Ada Colau (Ada Colau, Activist of the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages […]

Massive NoTAV protest in Val di Susa

On March 23rd up to 80.000 people participated in a mass demonstration against the TAV […]


A new forest occupation at the Hambacher Forst

The Hambacher Forst is a 12.000 year old forest, located between Köln and the German-Dutch-Border, […]

Elfimerida ton Syntakton, the journalists’ newspaper

As in 2011 the historic Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia went bankrupt, 100 of its journalists and […]

Small, medium, old, new… but all over Spain: squatting initiatives

In Spain nowadays more than 9.000 little villages are abandoned. In the 80’s, people from […]

Burnt out / Ausgekohlt – Energy struggles in Germany

[via] The German group “Ausgekohlt” struggles to shut down coal mining in Germany. The group […]