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“Ausgekohlt” (Burnt Out)


The German group “Ausgekohlt” struggles to shut down coal mining in Germany. The group is active in Reclaim the Fields and Climate Camp actions. Their founding manifesto from 2011 reads:

“Man-made climate change is already leading to hunger, flight, war and loss of biodiversity, especially in the global South: melting glaciers, droughts and floods destroy the means of livelihood and ecosystems irreversibly. People who do not contribute to global warming are suffering most of the consequences. Thus the excessive emission of greenhouse gas emissions is a form of violence and has to be stopped immediately.

Brown coal is the most climate-damaging energy carrier in Germany. Though brown coal is a convenient profit carrier for corporations. Still, new mining sites are developed, which shall be exploited until at least the mid of this century. Thus the expansion of renewables would be massively constrained. Opencast pit mining of brown coal furthermore leads to the destruction of ecosystems, the depletion of groundwater reserves and the forced resettlement of whole villages. In addition to the exit from nuclear energy, we also demand the exit from the use of brown coal.

The Rhenish broan coal fields are the topmost source of CO2 in Europe, RWE, the responsible corporation, is the most climate-damaging firm on the continent. Our goal is to organize a broad protest movement against RWE for the immediate closure of all opencast pit mines in the Rhine area. In doing this, we support the resistance in the mining sites of Lausitz and around Leipzig. With our combined efforts, we make the brown coal fields the symbolic places for the climate movement.

We see our campaign as an open platform for the networking of different groups and single persons, with the goal of educating and common action. We see the protest against brown coal as part of a global climate movement against coal, fracking, carbon capture and storage etc. and act in solidarity with energy struggles against fossil-nuclear capitalism.

We support a consistent and accelerated energy transition to renewables. This does not mean that we simply want to see one energy source replaced by another one. We are convinced that for a real energy transition, monopolised power structures have to be reduced and that it is necessary to change the rules of a type of economy which relies on endless growth and resource consumption. Thus we support initiatives for self-determined modes of living as an alternative to superfluous consumption. At the same time we demand the socialization of energy corporations and a decentral supply with renewable energies”.

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    Regarding european energy issues, you might be interested in publishing our project at dealing with citizens and cooperatives to speed up renewable energy projects in order to achieve the European 20-20-20 energy goals by increasing the involvement of citizens

  2. hi rocio, thank you very much, this indeed looks interesting and i will prepare it for a post, probably under our “news” section, maybe later also for the static energy page! best, andreas

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