Celebrating 15M (Spanish indignados) anniversary: “Toque a Bankia”

“Toque a Bankia”


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Last Thursday, a day of action against the nationalized bankrupt BANKIA in Spain went VIRAL with hundreds of branches closed, occupied, attacked, etc. Swindled customers of all ages appeared to demand their savings back. Dozens of branches closed “breakdowns” “by technical problems” throughout the country. The actions ranged from being “cansinxs clients”, people dressed up, parties, songs …

The action was part of a nationwide protest in and near Bankia offices across Spain, as part of the second anniversary of the 15M, or indignados, movement. The protesters object to the massive state aid Bankia and other banks have received, its allegedly fraudulent management by former IMF managing director Rodrigo Rato and the continued eviction of many of its clients who are unable to keep up mortgage payments due to the economic crisis. Thousands of staff are now being fired

Extensive fake consultations began, closing accounts, urgent needs to know of their advantageous pension plans or their wonderful parts housing loans. Not to mention the new offer of Bankia: no commission. But one of the conditions is that the person buys 1000 shares of Bankia.

Many found that these were already closed due to “breakdowns” “for technical or operational problems” as an excuse for them if they occur. This led to greater focus on those branches that remained open.

There were also police officers, security guards and even customers trapped inside Bankia branches.

Some pickets allowed free entry, other semi restricted, others were directly prevented. The consultations varied, imagination multiplied.

Photo: More retired people who lost their savings in Bankia fraud join the #TocandoABankia peaceful protest

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