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15 years ago, Attac was born to mobilize against the domination of finance over every sphere of our societies.

The financial, economic and social crisis we are facing grows more destructive and creates new victims daily. Unemployment, poverty and precarity are rising while public services and social protection are being dismantled, endangering the most basic human rights.

Our governments are not addressing the challenge of climate change. They collaborate instead with big corporations and refuse to undertake the ambitious transition we need.

Whereas solidarity in Europe and at the global level is at a dead-end, financial and economic institutions as well as governments and EU institutions continue to claim that there is no alternative, and that austerity, expansion of free trade and competitiveness are the only way out of the crisis.

There are alternatives – we’re building them!

We, however, are building, experiencing and sharing every day analyses and practices that show that other worlds are possible!

Come to our summer university and share your ideas and vision with us to build these alternatives!

Far from being resigned and passively waiting for better days, people have been mobilized all over the world – as an echo to the wave of movements, uprisings and occupations that have shaken the world since 2011, building a new geography of struggles and solidarity.

These struggles and daily actions against austerity and its consequences are both concrete and systemic. Their ambition is to challenge the hegemony of the neoliberal dogma, relying on practical experiences of relocalization and on new forms of solidarity. They seek to preserve, defend and improve public services and social rights. At the same time, they are exploring new paths towards a society of ecological sustainability and social justice.

The European Attac Network invites its partners, all the actors of these struggles and experiences to join the European Summer University of Social Movements, initiated by the European Attac Network, in Paris, in 2014.

Come and join us:

To analyse the crisis and understand what is at stake…

What are the social, ecologic, economic and financial dimensions of the crisis? How are austerity plans imposed upon us? What is the role of the European Central Bank? The IMF? Carbon markets? How do countries from the North avoid to facing up to their responsibility on climate change?

…while discovering and strengthening alternatives…

What are the current experiences of local production? How to lead the energy transition? What are the movements in Europe and in the world doing? What do they propose, struggle for, confront? What are the alternatives to austerity? How do they organize themselves? Can we imagine canceling debt globally?

…in order to take back our power over politics…

How to get rid of the oligarchy? How can we rethink and reinvent direct democracy? How can we organize to confront the rise of right wing extremism?

…within an activist yet festive and friendly space!

With debates, concerts, cultural activities, tours, and meetings with activists from all over Europe and the world. This summer university will include workshops, seminars, as well as spaces for direct experimentations – and even concrete action!

So if you want to know more about…

The IMF, relocalization of production, debt jubilees, the European Central Bank, alternatives to climate change, geoengineering, Occupy Wall Street, new forms of wars, austerity, financial capitalism, and so on

You should join us!!

Because the crisis is the proof that the whole world is shaking at its foundations, this summer university, while European, is definitively open to movements throughout the world.


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