“They’re not suicides. They’re murders” – Demonstrations in Spain protest evictions

[via Guardian, El Pais, ABCNews]

Last Saturday, 16th of February, there were demonstrations all over Spain to protest evictions: in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao…

Hundreds of evictions are scheduled every business day, although in November 2012 the Spanish government proposed that Spaniards who are in “circumstances of extreme necessity” and are unable to pay their mortgages will not be evicted from their homes over the next two years”. The government was forced to make this proposal because of the suicide of some tenants during their eviction-processes. But the fact is that only very few tenants meet the requirements of “extreme necessity”, and evictions had continued occurring every day.

Since the beginning of the crisis, authorities have been met by dozens of protesters at numerous evictions, who have organized to provide support for families facing evictions across the country. Despite this, a non-stopping number of evicted persons had committed suicide (the real number is unknown, one a day?).

Supporters, who are organized in local groups called “STOP Evictions”, tried (and achieved) to carry to the parliament a popular legislative initiative for the approval of the nonrecourse debt (no debt after the bank gets the ownership of the house) with over 1 million signatures. All the political parties agreed that the initiative should enter an approval/rejection process, although new suicides were the reason for PP (the party in the government) to vote YES. Obviously, this is not the end of the process, we’ll see what happens during the process in the parliament.

Unfortunately, suicides did not stop last week. The last, although it was an attempt, occurred in Castellón: a woman entered into the bank which has her two houses confiscated with some gasoline, and after a discussion, she tried to commit suicide (bonzo).

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