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La base

A new cultural and social project is born in the Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona. It’s called La Base (The Basis) and its aim is to build a community and reinforce the current mutual support network among neighbours. It already hosts 6 main projects : a Gathering Place a Spontaneus Library  set up by donated books, an I.T. Club  as a learning place, a Centre of Audiovisual Documentation and Research , a Consumption Cooperative , a Trades Cooperative  and a Popular Kitchen. The Trades Cooperative, besides sharing knowledge and experience in manual work, will offer services in plumbing, electricity, carpentry and other odd jobs for fair prices and using ecologically-oriented materials.

It took several months of community work to fix up and refurbish the space,  with social activists and other cooperativists learning new manual tasks from the Trades Cooperative group. Finally, La Base opened its doors with a two-day inauguration programme on 25th and 26th of January.  Neighbours were looking forward to getting to see this new space in Poble Sec and crowded La base during the inaugural activities -parade, meals, debates, documentaries, concerts, children space, games and a cabaret.

The calendar is already full of activities, projects are starting and the atmosphere of the gathering area is very welcoming and comfortable, where conversations flow easily as social activists from all sorts of collectives are numerous among La Base‘s members and visitors. The basis to a new society and a self-managed neighbourhood has finally arrived.

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