3rd night of violent protest in Burgos (Spain) against the remaking of a boulevard

via Revolution News


“Burgos is on fire!,” the scream spread like the a hurricane on social media websites, and the images that emerged confirmed it.

Riots left 40 arrested during Friday and Saturday. The mainstream media are blaming the demonstrators for what they call “acts of vandalism,” but of course, they hide the fact that police attacked these people repeatedly, and with the clear intent to disperse them after they engaged in a peaceful march.

After the attack, the government and the media, even blamed anarchists for “the violence,” in a classic lie-till-your-teeth-fall propaganda piece.

In Burgos on Friday, 300 people marched peacefully until cops attacked to disperse them. People ran on the streets and gathered in various locations in the city, where they erected self-defensive barricades against cops’ brutality. Cops managed to capture 17 protesters, and they claim that 6 police were injured in the violence they initiated.

A government statement says disturbances erupted again Saturday, with residents demanding the release of those arrested the previous night, leading to three police being injured and 23 further arrests.

It’s the second time in 2 months that people in working class Burgos have taken it to the streets to protest a corrupt gentrification project that will make some private contractors (among which a very powerful one who admits that television (meaning manipulation) was more important than “his work” while he was in jail) very wealthy, from government money.

8 million euros is the price for the remaking of the boulevard, which instead of 4 lanes will have just two, and which will bring with it the privatization of car parking places and their drastic reduction. From 350 car parking places, almost 100 will be slashed, and the remaining 256 will be located in a private underground parking space, and each will cost 19,255 euro for a 40 year long concession period – a huge sum, for the Spaniards who have been artificially impoverished over the past 6 years. This is happening while people are treated in the corridors of hospitals…

“The economy should serve the common interests of the majority, not a tiny elite that controls it for their benefit. And when the economy operates only in the interests of the elites, we can get rid of these elites. In Burgos they do the same thing that got us into the crisis (which was a rip off). They caused this crisis in order that they maintain advantages.” This boulevard Vitoria is constructed only because those who are in power (private contractors, their newspapers and the City Hall) will benefit from it, and only them.”

“This is a social explosion taking place in Burgos,” ‏@djvjgrrl6h twitted, “people are fed up up to their eyeballs.”

“This crisis that began six years ago in Spain has its own characteristics. The way our country is “moving” the economy before the crisis was through public works, major events and general construction without any sense or planning with the intention of moving money between (economic and political) and maintain the benefits of the elites. This has been the breeding ground of many corruption cases are well aware that in Burgos: to put a quick example, the owner of the Diario de Burgos, our beloved Méndez Pozo, has been in jail for these reasons.”

“People have responded after hours of provocations by the police and attacks by the police against demonstrators and neighbors. The Quarter #Gamonal in Burgos is on the warpath against the construction of an avenue.”

You can follow all the developments on twitter with #Gamonal #Burgos # NoAlBulevar and #ardeBurgos #Gamonal #BulevarNo  #GamonalResiste

In august 2005, similar street fights took place, when people protested the construction of underground car parking in the same neighborhood.

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