A Disco Soup against the food wastage

via 15M Barcelona Internacional


On December 14th Barcelona hosted its 1st Disco Soup. It is an initiative to fight the enormous food waste that the capitalist system allows and promotes: food production has tripled since the 60s, while the world population has only doubled. There is excess of food, but 870 million people worldwide, according to FAO, are underfed while annually 1,300 million tons of food – a third of the whole world’s production – are wasted.

The food that became the supper of hundreds of people came from markets’ rejects: mainly fruit and vegetables rejected as “ugly” or bruised, thus not suitable to be sold. Every participant had to help peeling, cuting or preparing the dinner.

During the Disco Soup, catalan political activistEsther Vivas gave a talk about the problem of food waste in general, pointing out how along the agri-food chains 50% of edible food goes lost. She reminded us that we are living in a paradoxical system that is stealing from the majority of people education, health care and finally food while a minority is living in abundance.

A second talk was given by a spokesgirl of Feeding the 5000, a campaign that aims to empower and inspire the global community to enact positive solutions to the global issue of food waste. They work with governments, businesses and civil society at the international level to catalyse change in social attitudes and innovative solutions necessary to tackle food waste at the global scale.

Disco soups and other anti-food waste events have been hosted in the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Macedonia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and Japan.

In Catalunya the association Espai Ambiental (Environnamental Space ), also present at the Disco Soup, has begun a projecte of food waste prevention aiming at the sensibilization of people through workshops and exchange of experiences. It is no longer only squats and self-organized social centers who are recycling food from market rejects and other sources of waste food. Several initiatives are getting organized  to collect waste food, recycle food and redistribute or organize popular free dinners, such as El Plat De Gracia (The Dish of Gracia), are spreading all around Catalunya.


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