Solidarity beyond borders – Building democracy from below: 15.-25.5.2014

[via mayofsolidarity] Call for Action The programs of austerity and privatizations imposed by the Troika […]


Reclaim The Fields – Action Camp – 15.-17. July, 2014

[via aktionscampsehlis] In ENGLISH: Reclaim The Fields Actioncamp 2014, 7.7.-15.7.2014 in Sehlis/Taucha near Leipzig Like […]

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Where is the protest? A reply to Graeber and Lapavitsas

[via roarmagazine] by Jerome Roos on April 9, 2014 Yes, we’re nice people, and yes […]


EVERYONE OR NOWHERE! Fighting for urban spaces and freedom of movement

[via] Call for 36. BUKO Congress in Leipzig, Germany, 29.05.2014 – 01.06.2014 Social movements […]


Greece’s so-called recovery: a dangerous delusion

[via Roar magazine] by Jerome Roos on April 5, 2014 Government officials would have us […]