4th International Conference on Degrowth in Germany – Summer 2014

[via] The preparations for the 4th International Conference on Degrowth – Ecological sustainability and social […]


50.000 march on Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens

[via ROAR magazine] by Jerome Roos on September 26, 2013 As the antifascist left stages […]


European Social Funds: Success for Solidarity Economy

[via] In the course of ongoing negotiations concerning the European Social Funds between the EU […]

sol econ

Movie: Our Land – #Fracking #Balcombe

[via] In the summer of 2013, a determined and diverse group of people from all […]


Spanish Sun Law will push people to disobedience

Spanish cost of energy is one of the highest in Europe with an installed capacity […]

EcoHabitar 24

Earth Liberation Front Attacks in Germany

[via ELF, NDR] Wednesday, September 04 2013 @ 03:23 PM CDT Contributed by: the EF! […]


One week of protests: what’s going on in Romania?

[via Roar magazine] by Grecu Cristian-Dan on September 10, 2013 For over a week now, […]