Co.Sy – Collective Syndicate

In Austria, several initiatives for reclaiming land from the market are under way. One of […]


1st of June, Peoples united Against the Troika

Via Interoccupy Europe is under a violent attack by the financial capital, represented by the […]


“Bike Ride Ecofeminist” flash mob to “beat the patriarchy”

Ecologistas en accion Via Demotix The group Ecologists in Action Ecofeminism and feminist group The […]


Stalemate after elections in Bulgaria

A revolutionary socialist analysis of the dire situation in Bulgaria after the 12 May 2013 […]

Wealth of the commons

A new book very relevant to our concerns for transformation: The Wealth of the Commons. […]


Wieserhoisl: a collective agriculture project in Austria

[via wieserhoisl, zugangzuland] In Austria, there are less examples of collective living projects than in […]


Crossroads – Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse in Graz

(via¬† Crossroads warmly invites you to engage with current social, ecological, economic and political developments. […]

Youth revolts in Sweden

[via indymedia, 21.5.2013, reuters, 22.5.2013, derstandard, 23.5.2013] “Hundreds of youths have set fire to cars […]

Firefighters extinguish a burning car in the Stockholm suburb of Kista

Milan: Cops evicted social center ZAM.

ZAM (Zona Autonoma Milano) was occupied in January 2011. ZAM consisted of 2 sports halls, […]


15M Opera buffa: “The Twilight of the Bricks”

via Spanish Revolution The Belgian uprising against the Dutch started in a theatre in 1830. […]