Social Market in Madrid

Social Market Madrid, via goteo Video By Social Market we understand a production, distribution and […]


Occupation of the former Ministry of Education in Lisbon.

On April 25th some activists squatted in the former building of the Ministry of Education […]

Campo dos Martires da Patria, Nr. 1

Spanish frustration boils over: “Besiege Congress”

[via Reuters, Presstv] Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the Spanish parliament less than 24 […]

Besiege Congress

Athens Indymedia and 98FM are back online

[via occupiedlondon] Since the morning of April 22nd Athens Indymedia and the self-organised radio station […]


Migrants attacked police in the EU border with Morocco

Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish territories in North Africa and the only part of […]


‘White Tide’ in Madrid in defence of Public Health Service

[via Demotix, Ghatreh] A ‘White Tide’ of people in defence of Health Public Service converged […]


Hospital workers fight police in Milan

(via At Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital the struggle against the intended dismissal of 244 staff […]


Spanish anti-fracking movement

Anti-fracking regional groups presented Popular Legislative Initiatives in many regional parliaments: Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarra, […]


Agro-squats abound around Barcelona

Barcelona seems to be an especially fertile ground for groups that reclaim the fields and […]