“Weapons for Rojava”-Campaign – 8 Questions

Donate under: Receiver: PM (Prütz Michael), Keyword “Rojava” NR: 506155858, BLZ: 76010085, IBAN: DE70760100850506155858, BIC: […]

Fuck IS

Ongoing protests in Bulgaria

[via ROAR magazin] Things are heating up in Bulgaria once again. After more than 160 […]


Eyewitness account: Fascists attack Polish social centre in Warsaw

[via email list seizing_building_commoning] The below is from my friends from the Syrena (Siren) and […]

right to the city

Turkey: Alevis rally with broad support in Istanbul

[via Reflections on a Revolution] Thousands of Alevis rallied in Kadikoy, Istanbul on the 3rd […]


Ankara: Major clashes between students and police

[via Reflections on a Revolution] Major clashes between the student resistance and police forces at […]


Protests in Spain against gas storage plant after quakes

via seattlepi.com Thousands of Spaniards on Sunday protested the presence of an underground gas storage plant […]

Castellon gas